Specialized Training for Extra Large Dogs

Training for Medium to Large Dogs

Extra large dogs as not as common, but do become family pets or companions. Learning to live with an Extra Large Dog can be a challenge. We are here to help.

Speacialized training programs, by size and breed of dog, offered by We Speak K9 teach your dog the obedience skills he needs to behave in any situation. Our professional training programs are tailored to each dog. We fully evaluate every dog before we formulate a training plan to ensure your dog gets the best possible experience. Most importantly, we want your dog to learn good obedience skills.

When dogs complete our professional training programs, they are well-versed in good behavior habits and have strong basic obedience and owner recognition skills.


  • House Training
    Potty Training
    Avoiding "Crazy" Behavior
    Basic Obedience
  • Size Consciousness
    Travel Training
    Lease Skills

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While each dog may be different, the basic training of dogs remains the same. At their core, they are dogs and want your love and approval. We recognize this and plan our training programs around each dog's unique personality and core profile.