Professional Training for Professional Dogs

Dog Bite Training

Do you need your dog to do more than sit, stay and roll-over?

Professional training programs offered by We Speak K9 offer dogs and owners with a desire to "do more" the opportunity to learn how. Our professional training programs are tailored to owners who want (or need) their dogs to perform at a higher level.

When dogs complete our professional training programs, they are well-versed in specialized skills that will help them perform at top rating on the job or in the field or in a performance environment.
  • Dogs Protect Your Family

    Personal and Family Protection

    Dogs can be great companions and they can also be great protectors. We can help you train your dog to know when something "just isn't right" and what actions to take to protect you and your family.

    Precision Dog Training

    Agility and Precision Training

    We teach your dog how to navigate through difficult situations. This training is great for anyone who wants to enter their dog into competitions or just traverse tough terrain.

    Controlled Dog Attack

    Advanced Protection

    Teach your dog how to protect your home. Our decoys work with your dog to teach skills that will allow him to know when to react, alert, bite, release and heel.

  • Obey Commands Dog

    Off-Leash Control

    Dogs can learn to follow commands with signals or single words. We teach your dog how to stay by your side, sit, stay until released, go down, come on call and return to "home spot - all off-leash.

    Dog Drug Detection

    Drug Detection

    We train dogs to identify illegal drugs and notify their handler of the location. No matter how well hidden they may seem - the dog can sniff it out. This training is vital for drug-free facilities, public enviroments or homeowners wanting to keep their house clean.

    Show Dog Trianing

    Exhibition Training

    We can train your dog for dog competitions, dog exhibitions or any other event you would like your dog to perform at top level. Dogs will learn how to navigate courses, perform on command and other specialized skills.

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While each dog may be different, the basic tactics of a trained professional dog remain the same. The variable is the dog itself. We assess your dog, then create a customized training program for your dog. This is serious training and we don't take it lightly.'